REVIEW of The Silky Ray Band by Miss Ella “Sister to the blues”, IBC Judge:
“The first time I heard this band was at the Columbus Blues Challenge in 2009. I was captivated by their smooth but energetic style and talent. I never left my seat!I had the pleasure of seeing them again at the River City Blues Competition in Marietta, Ohio in 2010. When they finished performing, the applause from the audience of a packed room was deafening.There was so much great talent at that competition, I was glad that I was not sitting at the judge’s table. They were certainly my favorite that day, and though they did make it to the finals, they did not win. However, they did not let that get them down. Being the great artists they are, they gave an impromptu performance in the lobby of the Lafayette where they packed another crowd.They are all great artists in their own genre. Although they have yet to release an original CD, this one is so good I do not mind the covers.

Book this band or see them live – you will not be disappointed!”

-Miss Ella
“Sister To The Blues”
Judge for the International Blues Challenge

The Silky Ray 4tet were finalists at the 2010 River City Ohio Blues Competition in Marietta, Ohio and performed a couple of killer sets! Check out this excerpt from the Pomeroy Blues & Jazz Society’s “Big Bend Blues News“:
From Up Around the Bend
by spider

…I recently motored on up to Marietta’s Lafayette Hotel to the Blues, Jazz, and Folk Music Society’s annual blues competition seeking respite. As expected, the crowd was overflowing, and gatherings of friends were everywhere, all energized by the yet-to-be-discovered blues talent. A parade of solos, duos, and bands gave their very best in twenty minute intervals to the appreciation of a winter-logged audience.Near the end of the competition, crawlinkingsnake and I sauntered down the hall in search of a cold Sam Adams on tap when we were pleasantly surprised to come upon The Silky Ray Band from Columbus laying down some of the sweetest, most relaxed, unmiked blues for anyone who cared to step into the room and listen. After a few choice tunes, with excited outstretched arms for emphasis, crawlinkingsnake turned to me and shouted in a whisper, “Texture, man, it’s all about texture!” We clinked glasses and laughed; we had found ourselves in another of those you-had-to-be-there moments of blues ecstasy.

Amazing how these things have changed from half dozen acts (some good and some kinda good) to a full lineup of 18 or more very capable acts. That was the case last summer in Pomeroy and later in Fairmont. However, last week in Marietta was the most competitive ever. Somebody always says, “wouldn’t wanta been a judge”… and they’re right. Especially looking at this lineup. Sure thing, competitions ain’t what they used to be. In the words of the great T-MODEL FORD, “‘and at’s fo got dam sho’!”…One of best sets all day was in the hotel lobby. Members of SILKY RAY BAND gathered around piano and played thru nice stuff. Great rendition of “Railroad Porter Blues” by EDDIE “CLEANHEAD” VINSON.

Snake Awards

mostest bluesyest
(tie) Bongo Joe & Little Steve-O and Austin Steele
mostest smoothest Silky Ray Band
mostest loudest Tokyo Tramps
best oxymoron Steve “the voice” telling the crowd to be quiet
best set of the weekend Silky Ray Band in the hotel lobby
best song of the weekend “Railroad Porter Blues” by Silky Ray Band

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  1. Heather Smith · June 14, 2018

    I had an amazing time listening to these guys. Not often you can hear good music, like this, in Marion, OH!!

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